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Morse code is a time-interrupt signal code, which expresses different letters, numbers and punctuation symbols in different order. It was invented in 1837 by American Samuel Morse Morse code, an early form of digital communication, which played an important role in the early radio and was known to every radio communicator. As a result of advances in communication technology, Morse codes were discontinued in 199plain rubber wristbands9. We can customize bracelet with the morse code on. The band can be solid, swirled, segmented,  glowing and UV transfer. Morse code can be printed, colorfilled, embossed printed. Regular sizes of a rubber bracelet are 6”(150mm) for toddler, 7”(180mm) for youth, 8”(202mm) for adult in circumference and 1/4”(6mm), 1/2”(12mm), 3/4”(19mm), 1”(25mm) in width. We make it all together 2mm thickness.  

Plain rubber wristbands are one of the most popular promotional gifts at present. They are also popular birthday gifts, banquet gifts and so on.We also call plain rubber wristbands as blank silicone wristbands. Various colors: any color on Pantong Card,pure color, segmented color, swirl color,dual layers color, camouflage, glowing in the dark, lUV ight changing, temperature changing and etc Different colors represent different meanings: Red: Enthusiasm, unrestrained, joy, celebration. Black: serious, night, steady. Yellow: noble and rich. White: Pure and simple. Blue: Wisdom, sky, refreshing. Green: life, vitality. Customize your own color plain rubber wristbands!         silicone-bracelet-watchnike-just-do-it-rubber-wristbands

different types of statements printed on them. They also aid in fundraising efforts for many big non-profit organizations. You can create a custom silicon bracelet that reflects your views and personality. The silicon bracelets are used as party favours for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and family reunions. As birthday favours, you can have the name of the person printed on the bracelet. For wedding favours, you can have the name of the bride and groom printed on the bracelet with the date of the event. Custom silicon bracelets are the perfect gift for your daughter and mom. You can have something good written about then on the silicon bracelet. Your non-profit organization can benefit from using a silicon bracelet. It helps in fund raising. Silicon bracelets are an easy and inexpensive way to raise money for your favorite charity. Silicon bracelets are an effective way of promoting your business. Print your business name with a catchy slogan and hand them out at fairs, trade shows, or to anyone who approaches you about your business. This is an easy way to spread your business and company name all over the place. To create cancer awareness among young women, breast cancer awareness bracelets are widely used. This brplain rubber wristbandsacelet gives a call to all young women to get their endometrial tests done at regular intervals and also to donate funds for this noble cause. Silicon bracelets are available in multitudes of colors. Silicon bracelets have become a fashionable fad for teenagers as they often wear it in prom. Although they are mainly used for fundraising purposes, the fashionable aspect contributes a lot to its popularity. Silicon bracelets are ideal for school fundraising, religious groups, promotional items, corporate, giveaways, sports team, party giveaways and charity. The major purpose of this awareness bracelet is to promote awareness of cancer, HIV/AIDS and heart disease.               custom-wristbands-torontomake-custom-wristbands

Custom made silicone wristbands play an important role in our life. It contributes to holiday decoration, promotion event, team sports, fundraising, anniversary, memorials and so on. It is of favorable price, comfortable to wear and long lasting. Glowing silicone wristband. It glows green or blue after absorbing light energy like lamp light or sunshine. The glow fades gradually in about 3h. We can make it glowing band as well as or the debossed and glowing logo. It is the best one for night event. UV custom made silicone wristbands. A UV silicone wristband transfers it’s color darker under sunshine when absorbing UV light. It transfer to purple or blue which indicating the strength of the UV index. Wearing it on the wrist is a good way to avoid long time staying under strong sunshine.   silicone-wristbands-walmartsilicone-wristbands-made-in-america

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